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The NaMo Patrika was launched on 26th May 2015. It is an initiative by Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena (BSKS).

We are group of nationalists who believe in Shri Narendra Modi’s vision for India’s development towards the goal of creating broad based prosperity and to lead India towards the status of economic, cultural and military power which befits its status as the cradle of civilisation and the most populous republic throughout history. We have been untiring in our continuous struggle against significant odds, to bring about a positive change to different aspects of Indian social and political life. People also know us by the name “Modifying India”.

We launched Modifying India in 2012 as an independent group promoting the idea of Shri Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India. This was much before the party’s official declaration of him as the prime ministerial candidate. Starting from the social media, we quickly moved on to the ground campaign with events like rock concerts and campaigned tirelessly in various cities and villages till the last day of voting on the 10th May 2014.

Our immense effort and hard work finally paid off in being able to successfully establish a “India first” government aligned to our vision, and one which is working round the clock to bring about the positive transformation in Indian lives which is so badly needed.

However despite the governments indefatigable attempts and much being done over the year, we do not think that enough justice has been done in communicating the exemplary achievements and progress to the public at large.

This portal aims to fill this gap. We aim to be definite resource on the activity and achievements of the government, and will bring you information such as the latest updates from what each Member of Parliament and the updates on the work done by the council of ministers. In our own small way, we aim to combat the negative perception politics of old, with positive healthy approach of spreading awareness about the potential and achievements which are due to India.

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