Steel is a deregulated sector. The role of the Ministry of Steel is that of a facilitator i.e. to facilitate growth of sector through policy intervention and removal of bottlenecks for infrastructure development. Ministry of Steel has not formulated nor has it been allocated any Social sector scheme which directly affects the lives of the people.

However, the Ministry of Steel has undertaken the following initiatives:-

  • The Steel & Steel Products (Quality Control) Orders, 2012, have come into effect from 1st October, 2014 on all 15 products having direct bearing on safety & security of human beings and infrastructure. After the said Order came into being, the import of steel & steel products is now as per norms set by Bureau of Indian Standard and any foreign supplier of steel & steel products is now supposed to get registered with BIS and supply the material as per standard set by BIS.
  • Further, the Ministry of Steel has taken several measures to enhance the Steel Production Capacity and consumption of Steel throughout the country. Some of these measures include:-
  • India was the 4th largest producer of crude steel after USA in the world in the calendar year 2014.  As per the World Steel Association’s provisional figures available for the month of January-February, 2015, India has overtaken United States of America.


  • Facilitated the formation of Indian Steel Association (ISA) to articulate the needs and aspirations of the steel sector of the country.


  • Ministry of Steel is facilitating setting up of Steel Research & Technology Mission of India (SRTMI) to spearhead R&D activities in Iron & Steel in India on a large scale.


  • To provide information and facilitate investment, an Investment Facilitation Cell has been set up in the Ministry, details of which have also been placed on the Ministry’s Website.


  • CPSEs under the Ministry of Steel have undertaken massive modernisation and expansion plan to enhance their crude steel capacity. Expansion of Rourkela Steel Plant of SAIL has already been completed and Hon’ble Prime Minister has dedicated the same to the nation. The expansion of
    Rourkela Steel Plant has resulted in addition of about 2.5 million tonnes of crude steel capacity. Further, Expansion of IISCO Steel Plant of SAIL at Burnpur is also ready to be dedicated to the nation. It would further add 2.2 million tonnes of crude steel capacity.


  • In order to achieve the growth target of production of 300 Million Tonnes of Steel by 2025, a concept of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) has been proposed with respective State Governments of Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand and Karnataka.


  • CPSEs under the Ministry of Steel have been expanding their dealer network with special focus on Rural Dealership Scheme to widen the reach of items of mass consumption.


  • CPSEs under the Ministry of Steel are implementing several projects under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainable Development Facilities which are beneficial to the society and environment.  The projects implemented under CSR inter-alia relate to water supply, irrigation facilities, health & family welfare, sanitation, public health, education, vocational training, solar lighting systems and relief to the victims of natural calamities.


In order to ensure that the benefits of Governmental policies and programmes reach all concerned, and with a view to documenting the efforts made towards this end, Ministry prepared an E-Book which has been uploaded on the website of the Ministry on 31st December, 2014.  Further, a handy Pocket Book on the Ministry has also been published.