The scorching heat and humidity was giving a hint that it’s too hot for people to come out of their homes, yet it was an eye opener to see people gather on streets in huge number  just for this one event “Giri Chaupal”.

I call it just because till now for me this Giri chaupal is only what I have seen on facebook. The movie Nayak can be seen 100 times, it is such a amazing movie. And I feel blessed and lucky enough to experience the movie live right in front of me. The concept in itself is so good, being on streets and addressing to the problem of local people and getting it resolved with a written proof.

I myself did not know that we have so many departments existing in system and how does the problem functions. I never knew the hierarchy of the system but today I got the opportunity to learn and explore.

We had numerous departments:-PWD, Horticulture, Directorate of health, Delhi Jal Board, DDA, Education, Delhi transport cooperation, BSES (Bombay sub urban electricity supply), Traffic police, Delhi police, EDMC, MCD sanitation, MCD maintenance, MCD building, I and FC (Irrigation and flood control), Social welfare department, MCD Health. And the best part is every department had 4-5 representatives who were there to sort out the issue and give  a written commitment to resolve the issues.

Strange when I witnessed MP(Maheish Giri) himself listening to problems and consulting concerned departments and the hope with which large number of people turned up.

There was a road which had been broadened. And strangely, the pole of electric wires still stood at the same spots as before, resulting in making the whole attempt to broaden the road ineffective. On being brought to the notice, all it needed was initiative. The parliamentarian called the two concerned departments, discussed out the problem, built the consensus and the result is, a written and signed Plan of Action is in place to resolve the matter & shift the 40 poles within a specific deadline. & more than 35 such matters got resolved right on the spot while various others have been taken up for continued monitoring to bring in relief to the people.

Girri Chaupal is an initiative which should be implemented by each and every MP, MLA.

Maheish Girri Ji spoke these words from the Dias: good governance is when not only the people reach out to government, but when government reaches out to the public.

I stood there awestruck, inspired & impressed.

( Written By Ms Ria Tayal. Author is a Student :  Pursuing Masters in good governance and public policy from SSU )

(Sharing Some Pics from Girri Chaupal )